• ACE Asia Catering Exhibition (referred to as ACE ) is the Hotel and Catering Industry Tour Exhibition in Asia organized by French comexposium Exhibition Group -one of the world's three largest exhibition covers hot pot, Prefabricated dishes, barbecue, and catering Lock franchise, Western food supplies, hotel supplies, and kitchen equipment.

    As a high-end brand exhibition in the catering industry with a high degree of internationalization, ACE is positioned as "internationalized, branded, specialized, and effective". It integrates four major functions: "exhibition display+forum discussion+precise docking+cross-border integration". It is an international leading platform for the exchange of the catering industry, connecting the upstream, midstream, and downstream industrial chains of the catering industry, leading the 

    development trend of the catering industry, disseminating advanced products and business concepts, promoting the open cooperation and healthy development of the entire catering industry chain. The ACE Asian Food Expo has a positive signifi-

    cance in promoting exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese and foreign catering industries, further expanding catering consumption, promoting innovation in the catering industry, assisting rural revitalization, and driving high-quality 

    development of the catering industry nationwide and even worldwide.

    The ACE2023 Asia catering Expo opened grandly in Jinan on November 16, 2023. More than 1000 catering enterprises and 80000 professional visitors from home and abroad cooked a feast for the catering industry at the exhibition site. The continuous signing of contracts at the exhibition greatly boosted the business confidence of exhibitors. The exhibition has a high praise rate of over 90%, with 266 companies confirming their intention to continue participating in the ACE2024 on site, and 279 companies confirming their intention to participate in the ACE2024 The ACE2023 has achieved great success, highlighting the international catering industry bran