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Dear purchasers and distributors from all over the country:

Asia Catering Expo 2023 (JINAN) (hereinafter referred to as ACE2023) will be held grandly at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of the exhibition has reached a new high, and the preparation work for ACE is proceeding in an orderly manner. In order to better serve you, please read the following content carefully in your busy schedule.

ONE、Visiting process:

Official account registration:

Please open WeChat to search the official account 【Food Industry】, and then click the menu bar of the official account 【I want to visit】 to enter the registration page to fill in the registration information.

TWO、Services provided by the exhibition:

1、The conference can provide 1 night of star rated hotel accommodation for professional dealers (excluding Jinan);

2、Shandong Province can be a group of dealers to participate in the conference (business associations, professional markets) conference can be arranged for bus transportation;

3、Provide other necessary services;

THREE、Group visit reception:
(One)Group organizer benefits
1、Upgrade to VIP status and enter the VIP area to rest 

2、Enjoy free coffee and refreshments in the VIP area

3、Participate in small-scale cocktail parties organized by the organizers to expand network relationships

4、Enjoy procurement team related services

(Two)Procurement team convenience

1、Free bus transportation within Shandong Province (within the range of available buses)

2、Visiting credentials, exempting professional visitors from queuing for registration

3、Exclusive channel for purchasing groups to enter the exhibition hall directly

4、Gift packages for exhibition visitors: CD-ROM of the conference journal, visiting dictionary, small gifts, etc.

(Three)Group rules

1、The size of the procurement team shall be not less than 20 persons.

2、Members of the purchasing group must be invited to this exhibition.

3、The organizer needs to fill in the details of the members of the buying group and submit them to the organizer 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the event in order to arrange the activities related to the buying group.

4、The information provided by the organizer needs to be checked and confirmed by the organizing committee of the conference before it can be approved.

5、The organizing committee of the congress has the final right to interpret the event.

FOUR、If you need help, please contact:


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