Three competitive advantages:

1. The exhibition has a strong international foundation

Comexposium Group, the organizer of ACE, is ranked as the third largest exhibition group in the world. Comexposium was founded in 1904 and has its history of 119 years. It is one of the earliest and largest leading exhibition and conference organizers group in the world. Comexposium has its headquarter in Paris, France, and it regularly run more than 150 international exhibitions and conferences in more than 20 countries around the world every year, serving more than 3.5 million professional visitors and more than 48,000 exhibitors . ACE will leverage the international resources of Comexposium Group on its internationalization development. 

2. Great exhibition location 

ACE 2023 will be held in Shandong Province, a major catering province with a strong atmosphere in food consumption. Most importantly, its capital city, Jinan, plays a leading and influential role in the catering industry within the province. Its good transportation, economic conditions, and openness provide the basic conditions that enhance the development and growth of the industry. In addition, being the birthplace of Shandong cuisine whilst Shandong cuisine is the first of the eight major cuisines in China, Shandong Province has the unparalleled industrial advantages in running a catering event.

3. Strong resource support

ACE will be jointly organized by domestic and foreign catering-related industry associations and institutions, covering the entire catering industry chain. The strong resources support is meaning a concrete guarantee for the success of the exhibition.

Six key highlights:

1. Focus on internationalization

Asia has a long history of catering culture and rich catering varieties. As a grand event facing the catering industry in Asia, ACE will get together the characteristic catering industries of Asian countries, and invite international buyer groups to the exhibition. ACE will focus on internationalization and promoting effective sharing, communication and cooperation for the industries in the Asian region. 

2. Develop the whole industry chain

As an important event for the catering industry, ACE will get together the upstream and downstream enterprises in China and overseas, offering four key integrated functions: showcasing exhibits, trend development and release, industrial sharing, trading and cooperation. ACE will be a one-stop platform for exhibiting, trading and trend development for the industry. 

3. Organize high-quality professional visitors from China and overseas

ACE will be spending significant manpower and resources on professional visitors invitation for the various exhibition themes and different types of exhibitors. At the same time, we will work together with domestic catering associations, supermarket and convenience stores associations, e-commerce associations and other resources platforms on bringing professional visitors. We aim on bringing in more high-quality buyers to the exhibition for business development for our exhibitors, implementing our theme of "Sharing and Win-Win, Integration and Development". To enhance our visitors invitation works, the organizing committee will be issuing 1,000,000 tickets and 500,000 industrial invitations letters to relevant organizations in most of the countries in the Asia regions.

4. High-end concurrent events

As a grand event for the industry, this exhibition will hold dozens of industry forums, salons, sharing meetings, matchmaking, promotional meetings, award ceremonies and other activities during the show. Domestic and foreign industrial leaders will be invited to gather at the activities to conduct discussions relating to different dimension of the catering industry. This will also create more opportunities for close communication and cooperation between exhibitors and professional visitors, and further enhance their benefits from the exhibition.

5. Strong media coverage

ACE will invite 200+ media to conduct publicity and reports, from pre-show to post-show, all-channel exposure from online to offline, to continuously expand the influence of the exhibition. ACE will be an important industrial event with great influence and strong branding for both the exhibitors and professional visitors.

6.High quality onsite service

ACE will focus on strengthen the experience in on-site participation of the exhibitor and visiting experience of the professional visitors. The organizing committee will set up multiple functional service areas such as business meeting area, media interview room, KOL live broadcast room, resting area, booth reservation area, and business translation and matching area onsite. These are all ready for promotion for our exhibitors and facilitate the discussion between our exhibitors and the professional visitors.