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Hotel Supplies



1. Hotel Furniture Zone: hotel dining furniture, hotel suite furniture, hotel room furniture, hotel sofa, hotel mattress, antique decorative furniture, banquet furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, storage cabinets, electric dining table, induction cooker dining table, hotel paintings and so on.

2. Desktop products exhibition area: stainless steel tableware, bamboo and wood tableware, ceramic tableware, glass tableware, Minnetonka tableware, cooking utensils, alcohol stoves, glassware, glass turntables, gold and silverware, chopsticks

3. Rooms, supporting electrical appliances, titanium and lobby supplies exhibition area: hotel TV sets, telephones, safes, electronic door locks, guest room decorative paintings, guest room mirrors, kettles, consumables, room service trolleys, food trolleys, bedside control system, hotel lamps, guest room lamps and lanterns, LED lamps and lanterns, lighting fixtures, speech consulting desk, umbrella racks, sculpture decorations, LED indicator screen, lobby signage

4. Cleaning equipment and sanitary ware exhibition area: floor scrubber, polishing machine, scrubbing machine, electronic foaming box, water suction machine, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, garbage cans, dust pusher, floor mats, detergents, detergents, hand sanitizers, soap dispensers, skin dryers, stone care equipment, air freshener, air freshener, laundry equipment

5. Textile Fabrics and Uniforms Zone: bedding, hotel fabrics, curtains, tablecloths, table mats, napkins, bath towels, carpets, down products, hotel fabrics, hotel uniforms

6. Fitness & Entertainment Zone: fitness equipment, treadmills, golf equipment, KTV equipment, dart machines, electric mahjong tables, sauna equipment, SPA spa equipment, etc.

7. Intelligent Products Zone: hotel, catering series software, POS terminal display system, hotel conference, monitoring system, induction series products, recreation and sports intelligent equipment, media, etc.

8. Asia catering expo area: hot pot, barbecue, pre-prepared dishes, catering chain franchise, western food supplies and kitchen equipment.