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Western Food



1. Western food ingredients: fresh meat and poultry, rice, noodles and grains, aquatic products, oil and oil products, soybean products, fruit and vegetable products, seasonings, frozen food, prepared products, other ingredients

2. Kitchen equipment and supplies: comprehensive cooking equipment, decontamination equipment, refrigeration paper cups, kitchen environmental protection equipment, central kitchen equipment, kitchen auxiliary equipment and supplies, kitchen food processing machinery, production and processing machinery, cold chain logistics and distribution

3. Bakery equipment and raw materials: bakery equipment, bakery accessories, bakery refrigeration equipment, bakery raw and auxiliary materials, bakery semi-finished products, bakery finished products

4. Ice cream equipment and materials: ice cream refrigeration equipment, ice cream raw and auxiliary materials, ice cream finished products, ice cream molds; beverage synthesis: beverage raw materials, beverage equipment, industrial beverages and equipment

5. Tabletop Products Zone:stainless steel tableware, bamboo and wood tableware, ceramic tableware, glass tableware and American dishware,  cooking utensils, alcohol stoves, glassware, glass turntables, gold and silverware.

6.Asia catering expo area:hotpot, barbecue, pre-prepared dishes, restaurant chain franchise, hotel supplies and kitchen equipment