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1.Comprehensive prepared dishes: enterprises with prepared dish production business, domestic and foreign head of prepared dish processing and production enterprises category

2.Prepared ingredients: aquatic products, meat and poultry, pastry, fruits and vegetables.

3.Convenient dishes: catering private label convenient dishes, cooking packets, microwave dishes, seasoning packets, etc.; and

4.Convenient staple food: convenient noodles, convenient rice noodles, convenient rice noodles, convenient rice, convenient porridge, etc.;.

5.Composite seasonings: hot pot ingredients, sauces, marinades, soups, marinades, spices, oils, food additives, seasoning packets, etc.;; 6, frozen food: food packages, microwave dishes, seasoning packages, etc.

6.Frozen food: frozen pasta, frozen dumplings, frozen hand cakes, frozen meatballs, frozen dishes and so on.

7.Self-heating food: self-heating hot pot, self-heating barbecue, self-heating rice, self-heating rice noodles, self-heating rice noodles, self-heating hot and sour noodles and so on.

8.Ready-to-eat food: meat cooked food (marinated products, ham, lunch meat, hot dog sausage, etc.), meal replacement food (milkshake, chicken breast, etc.)

9.New retail: smart restaurants (vending machines), information technology service providers, etc.; and

10.Cold chain logistics: logistics, warehousing and service providers.

11.Asia catering expo area: barbecue, hot pot, restaurant chain franchise, western food supplies, hotel supplies and kitchen equipment.