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1. All kinds of barbecue ingredients: beef, mutton and poultry, seafood, fresh seafood, frozen barbecue products, semi-finished products and so on;

2. Barbecue seasonings: marinades, dips, sprinkles, seasonings, hot and spicy ingredients, barbecue oil, etc;

3. Barbecue-related equipment: Chinese and Western-style grills, grills, electric, gas, solar and other barbecue grills, barbecue carts and other types of barbecue utensils, kitchen equipment, refrigeration and preservation equipment, home barbecue appliances;

4. Barbecue supplies: barbecue carbon and other types of barbecue fuel, barbecue materials, barbecue tools, barbecue nets, outdoor barbecue supplies, protective gear, barbecue tableware and so on;

5. Barbecue environmental protection equipment: catering fume purification equipment, oil smoke purifier, smokeless grill, barbecue store environmental protection overall solution;

6. Barbecue drinks: thick syrup drinks, freshly squeezed fruit juice, solid drinks, liquor, etc;

7. Barbecue franchise and services: barbecue restaurant franchise chain, barbecue training, barbecue entrepreneurial projects, barbecue catering chain, cash register terminal, ordering system, etc.;

8. Barbecue-related supplies: barbecue outdoor travel supplies, take-out trucks, aluminum foil packaging and other barbecue take-out supplies, night stall barbecue supplies, etc.

9. Barbecue culture: barbecue net red, barbecue and snack brand chain franchise, regional characteristics of barbecue culture recommendation, barbecue entertainment, barbecue tourism project recommendation, etc.

10. Asia catering expo area: prepared dishes, hot pot, catering chain to join, western food supplies, hotel supplies and kitchen equipment